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  1. Person:OMG you speak Spanish? Say something in it.
  2. Me:¿Papi, te gustan las chapas que vibran? ¿Papi, te gustan las chapas que vibran? ¿Papi, te gustan las chapas que vibran? ¿Papi, te gustan las chapas que vibran?
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all i did this year was get more gay

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oh my god my dad just went out to walk the dog and he must have got halfway down the street and then he just came back and I was like “what’s the matter” and he just said really quietly “i forgot the dog” and my dog was just siTTING BY THE DOORSTEP WITH HIS LEASH ON LOOKING REALLY SAD

misterjppp whispered:
hey handsome!! did you actual hook up for 500?
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Anonymous whispered:
how do you literally not have HIV yet? youre a disgusting fag and now you're a prostitute haha have fun not being respected ever again.
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if gaga ever did that ice water challenge thing i’d want her to make it the sexiest video of the kind ever. like she should call steven klein to shoot the water falling on her naked body in slow motion while the sickest remix of sexxx dreams plays. different camera angles. wet hair game strong. even some ice on mouth teasing. the sexiest ice water challenge video ever to shame everyone who tries to do it next. 



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